It's time to break up with your inner critic, disown unhealthy patterns of scarcity and ignite the confidence to create your dreams.




Embody the frequency of self-worth, radiate inner confidence & fall in love with the life you're creating.





Shift out of scarcity, get clear on what you want & call in ALLLLL the abundance.





Honour your vision, raise your vibration & take empowered, potent action.


MAKE YOUR MAGIC is an online course that guides you to heal unhealthy patterns, reclaim confidence and become an energetic match for magic and your wildest dreams. This is not an online course you buy and forget about - this is a healing process & community that will change your life.


Not only do you get the resources, tools + step-by-step guidance, you also receive support, connection + love from other women who are awakening alongside you. Unlike the world we grew up in, this community is a safe, non-judgmental and healing space where women come together to empower, share and guide each other without comparison or fear.


In our live coaching rounds, you also receive intimate mentorship with me, Amy Rushworth, as well as other leading experts in the world of healing, energy, spirituality and self-development.














Live Coaching Support

We facilitate 2 live rounds of the academy every year (that's 16 group coaching calls!) where you receive deep-dive group mentorship and personalised support from me and other experts. Throughout the year I also support you in our Facebook Group.

A Community That Has Your Back

You get instant access to our private Facebook community where all members speak and support each other. This is a safe, non-judgmental space where you'll find weekly inspiration and be able to share your struggles and breakthroughs.

Weekly In-Depth Workbooks

You receive deep, intensive workbooks designed to help you unravel negative belief systems, master emotional struggles, heal your mindset and create confident, embodied changes in your life.

In-Depth Masterclasses

In every module, you get transformational video masterclasses that teach you techniques and processes for healing and confidence. 

Reprogramming Meditations

Taking an integrative approach to mindset transformation, awakening and learning, we provide multiple meditations & audio trainings to activate subconscious healing and emotional empowerment.

Real-Life Assignments

Powerful transformation comes from intentional, aligned action. We guide you to take your newfound self-awareness and breakthroughs and apply the knowledge where it matters.

Affirmations & Motivational Resources

You get dozens of resources, printable tools and recommendations to complement your journey and support you in feeling more confident, in control and happy. There's affirmations for confidence, gratitude suggestion lists, a Spotify playlist... the list goes on!

Tools & Inspiration For Well-Being

As a certified integrative holistic health coach, I understand the influence that our habits have over our energetic frequency and emotions. That's why we give you healthy recipes and inspiration so that you are revitalised from the inside out. 

Unlimited Lifetime Access

The academy videos & resources are all digital and downloadable, so you can return to these tools again and again for the rest of your life. You'll have login access for as long as the academy is in existence, and you'll benefit from all updates and improvements made to the course.



This academy is available worldwide and is a fully-online course and community. We welcome EVERY woman from any walk of life – whether you’re dipping your toe into the world of personal growth or you’re a seasoned self-help junkie that’s tried every course and seminar there is.


"If you are ready to create the life of your dreams, jump in. It will change your life."

Before the academy, I was lost - suffering with anxiety, saying terrible things to myself and unhappy in my job. It felt like I was stuck on a crappy round-about and I’d had enough. I'd hit rock bottom (again). Make Your Magic Academy was my breakthrough. Hand on heart, this course and community has changed my life.


Some benefits I experienced in the program include:
I discovered my purpose and I now know what I am here to do - I can't wait to start my own business!

I released SO much trauma that I didn’t even realise was holding me back.

I fell in love with my husband all over again, as he did with me.

I have become a more present mum to my daughter.

I stopped dieting, which is huge for me as I have suffered from body dysmorphia and yo-yo dieted my whole life.

I now love and respect my body so much.

I was also offered a promotion! I went from hating my job, to loving and cherishing it. Even my manager noticed a massive change in me (enough to pull me aside to tell me he is blown away by the impact my new mindset is having on the team).

I cannot recommend the Make Your Magic Academy more. If you are ready to dig deep and create a life of your dreams, jump in. It will change your life.


"I truly can’t emphasise enough how much this investment has changed my life."

After years of self neglect, people pleasing, putting others first, working full-time, mothering my kids, being a wife, emotional eating, hiding behind a mask, pretending to be someone else... I was BURNT out. I knew I needed to look after myself and start a journey of self-love, but I didn't know where to start. That's when I found the academy.


The trainings, plus hearing stories of other women in the community was so invaluable. We encouraged each other and I knew I was not alone. This course helped me to face my emotions rather than keeping them suppressed - a pattern which kept me safe from pain and rejection, but held me back from being the woman I was meant to be. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without Amy and the MYM academy. I was living in my masculine energy for too long and neglecting myself. I am now embracing my feminine side, I am aware of my emotions and how to welcome them, work through them and respond instead of reacting. I no longer hang onto blame as an excuse not to move forward in my life and experience new possibilities. I am taking responsibility for myself and being more authentic. 


I am so proud of myself and will continue on my journey to being a more confident, brave, strong and happy woman. For those concerned about investing in this academy, I truly can’t emphasise enough how much this investment has changed my life. You can’t buy self-worth or confidence, but the MYM academy along with Amy’s invaluable skills and guidance certainly CAN, if you are willing to put yourself first. Thank you Amy.  

United Kingdom



Your abundance.
Your happiness.
Your confidence.

That's what you're investing in.

You're saying a full-body YES to yourself. And the Universe is watching you do it.

Unlike quick fixes + temporary distractions, MYM empowers you with the gift of lasting, life-changing healing.

This container gives you more than $5000 worth of value. When you invest today, you receive instant access to transformational tools, plus membership to our online soul sister community.





16 x Group Coaching Calls p/yr
8 x Weekly Masterclasses
8 x Journalling Assignments
Weekly Ritual + Practice
Weekly Meditation
Breathwork + Healing Tracks
Bonus Audio Trainings
Facebook Community Support
Wellbeing Tools


Worth over $5000






16 x Group Coaching Calls p/yr
8 x Weekly Masterclasses
8 x Journalling Assignments
Weekly Ritual + Practice
Weekly Meditation
Breathwork + Healing Tracks
Bonus Audio Trainings
Facebook Community Support
Wellbeing Tools


Worth over $5000



With so many courses, self-appointed coaches and self-help books out there, it can be very confusing knowing where to begin. When I first set out to heal my life, I remember feeling overwhelmed with choices. Unlike other online gurus, I am an experienced and fully qualified Transformational Healing Mentor. I have worked with hundreds of women from all walks of life, helping them to heal and up-level in their lives. I've also radically transformed my own life and upgraded my confidence.


That's why I created the academy. I wanted to make these credible, impactful, real-world tools available to women starting out on their confidence journey.

I've developed a very specific, fail-proof blueprint to support clients to overcome the fear of not being good enough and transcend  patterns such as perfectionism, overthinking, the fear of failure & people pleasing. Naturally you will build a strong foundation of confidence and self-esteem, helping you to take action towards your dreams, cultivate closer, conscious relationships and feel more comfortable in your own skin. 


The course contains 8 Modules with an abundance of videos, meditations, "fun sheets" and real life assignments. To take the course in it's most intense format, we suggest taking one module per week - therefore 8 weeks total. However, the academy is also designed as a self-paced program - you can take things as slowly as you like and return to your materials again and again. 


As you are a lifetime member, you can take the course (and live coaching rounds) as many times as you like. Like many of our alumni students, you may choose to return to the academy materials during different transitions and chapters in your life. The work you do in this academy will continue to integrate and benefit you, far beyond the course.

Once you enrol, you will receive access to our private Facebook community where Amy regularly jumps in and conducts Facebook Live trainings. You can also post any challenges or breakthroughs in the group, so that your community can support you!


Twice a year, Amy Rushworth also runs "live rounds" of the academy, which includes group coaching calls for students. These live rounds are 8 weeks in length. Any member can participate and this is a great opportunity to receive some direct coaching with Amy, plus ask any questions. 

No. This is a coaching and mentoring course, designed to help you develop healthy beliefs, move forward with confidence and make empowered choices. Many of our students also see their own therapists, alongside doing the coaching work in the academy. 

Yes. Please select the extended payment plan option when you select your academy package.

Everything that you write down and experience is done in your own time, in your own journal. If you wish to participate in our Facebook Group and remain anonymous, you will need to create an anonymous account. Additionally, if you would like to remain anonymous and still participate in the live coaching rounds, you must disconnect your video on coaching calls as these are group experiences and may be recorded. 


Confidentiality and respect are important to us and we take this seriously, however please refer to your program agreement for all information on confidentiality and exceptions.  

Many previous students have gone on to create radical life changes, which they attribute fully to the coaching, guidance and transformational work they undertook during this academy.


Former students have:

  • Changed careers
  • Started new businesses 
  • Quit jobs to travel the world
  • Become life coaches & yoga teachers
  • Reinvented and revived relationships
  • Manifested more money and opportunities
  • Found the courage to ask for divorce from unhappy marriages
  • Attracted fulfilling new friendships
  • Learned how to communicate better in relationships
  • Effectively asked for pay-rises and promotions
  • Started new, exciting hobbies
  • Become more confident leaders at work
  • Positively transformed the way they parent their children
  • Found the courage to be who they really are
  • Taken huge chances on previously "impossible" dreams


This list isn't exhaustive, but these are some of my favourite transformations!

Still have a question?

Feel free to drop me and the team a line anytime to ask questions about Make Your Magic Academy. I want you to feel really good about making this investment in yourself. Email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you within 2-3 working days.


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