This online retreat is a self-led journey that will activate your inner queendom, sensuality + orgasmic prosperity. It is time to awaken your inner lover and usher in relaxed pleasure in your body, bank account, relationships and beyond...


Visualise this...


+ You radiate soooo much aliveness and magnetic energy, that abundance can’t resist you! It mysteriously streams into your life, like magic.


+ You naturally attune with your feminine energy, without any need to control or stress about how you'll achieve your goals. The more you rest, the more you attract.


+ You can surrender into your body... discovering blissful terrains of pleasure and deeper connection. It's a sacred priority, not an afterthought.


+ You're generating abundance, without sacrificing your boundaries or trying to prove your worth to the world. You feel empowered and supported by money.


+ You treat your desires as HOLY and follow your full-body YES. You know that when you're feelin' it, the Universe will support your pleasure pathway.


This reality is yours. Are you a full-body yes?

My Embodied Ecstasy Online Retreat will usher you into this new paradigm.



It is a completely virtual sacred experience designed to evoke your inner queendom and usher waves of pleasure and prosperity into your life!




You are allowed to be feminine, sexy AND cherish making money.


You can be hot as fuck, successful AND deeply adored + admired by other women.


You can attract your desires FASTER, by dropping the hustle + embracing your sexual radiance.


You can be a kind, devoted human being AND honour unapologetic boundaries.


You are allowed to claim all the juiciness that life has to offer. It's not greedy or arrogant. It's your birthright.


Angel. Your pleasured, prosperous Self is your most confident, complete and liberated Self. Being empowered in your body and your bank account brings you into the deepest kind of self-knowing + sovereignty. YUM.


When women gather together to celebrate sexuality and money, we break free from the patriarchy. We unleash big shifts. We heal ourselves and we heal each other.


This virtual retreat will….


✨  Get you excited about your pleasure potential!!!
Instead of intimidated or separate to that piece of you.


✨  Lead you into relaxed confidence and intimate union with your feminine energy.


✨  Invite you into a healing process for sister wounds, jealousy, comparison, slut shaming and feeling “less than”.


✨  Take you on a re-coding journey and inner exploration of your beliefs around sensuality, money and sisterhood.


✨  Illuminate the ways you can get intimate with abundance and manifest with more ease.

What you receive...


This was originally a live online retreat and is now a self-led course that is overflowing with juicy transmissions, abundant codes and healing energy.


✔️ Deep dive workshop on pleasure, feminine energy, sister wounds, money mindset and clearing disempowering beliefs through sensual embodiment

✔️ Live Journalling Process for cosmic manifesting and sacral chakra activation

✔️ Cutting Cords Ritual and Tantric Anger Release

✔️ Feminine Activation Ritual

✔️ 1 hour Rebirthing Breathwork Session for deep somatic healing and integration (this will be insanely healing - if you've breathed with me before then you know!!!)

✔️ Q+A and hot seat coaching


(valued at £88)

Designed to help you reprogram the inner codes in your body + make space for wildly deep (long lasting) self-love.



clear the blocks.

open to bliss.

treasure your body.

expand your prosperity paradigm.

enhance your relationships (or call healthy ones in).

step into relaxed orgasmic confidence.



Ready to put on your crown and dance waves of pleasure and prosperity into your body!
Let's gooooooo!





+ If you ever felt sinful, wrong, slut shamed or “dirty” growing up... but you’re now ready to heal that wound, liberate your inner sex queen and deeeeeeply respect yourself in that process.


+ If you've been loving free meditations, journaling and podcasts lately... but they're not really translating into deeper pleasure, abundance or confidence in your REAL life.


+ Your sex life feels disconnected, time consuming (or even burdensome)... but you’re feeling the call to activate more pleasure in your life. Deep down you know you want a slice of the pie...


+ If you want to stop feeling triggered by seeing other women in their sexual or financial power... and start feeling deeeeeply inspired by their epic expression.


+ If you want to get your inner fire back, feel fucking confident in your body and say F U to comparison traps.


+ If you struggle to slow down and make time for yourself. You put everyone else's desires and needs before your own... and you’re sick of being last on the to do list.






+ Anyone who is not open and receptive to alternative healing modalities rooted in energy healing, spirituality and breath work. 

+ Those who are not willing to dedicate their time fully to the retreat. You must willingly, lovingly and enthusiastically embrace this work and devote yourself to it.

+ Anyone who is not ready to own their excuses and shift perceptions surrounding time, money and limiting beliefs. 

+ Those who aren’t willing to roll up their sleeves (or their dress!) and do the work. This is not a quick fix. This retreat is an entry passage to deep devotional work to be practiced for a lifetime.

+ Those who are not willing to surrender bitchy judgment towards other women and beings who express their sexual essence. This is a safe zone for all members to be themselves.

Hey goddesses & sacred souls. I'm Amy.


I’m a Healing, Abundance + Business Priestess helping you arrive into overflowing ecstasy, abundance, beauty + sensual leadership.

I was put on this planet to guide feminine beings to overcome the conditioning of their inner critics, so they can manifest deeper levels of sovereignty, purpose, prosperity and pleasure.

Formally, I am a certified Transformational Life Coach (ANIMAS TLC), Integrative Holistic Health Coach (IIN HTCP), Sex, Love & Relationships Coach and Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner.

Informally, I am a psychic intuitive lightworker, healing facilitator and highly experienced practitioner in metaphysical energy work, meditation, breathwork, emotional healing and spiritual mentorship. 

I’m on a lifelong journey of study, learning and devotion to this path.

Life experiences - aka the ‘school of life’ - have always been my wisest teacher. 

Healing childhood trauma.

Pivoting careers.

Growing from failure.

Evolving through pain.

Breakups and breakthroughs.

Building a prosperous business from nothing.

Life has taught me so much wisdom through the alchemy of pain. It’s why I believe so wholeheartedly in this work and I am beyond excited to pull back the curtain on what it takes to truly go inward and heal your life.

Why you should join the Embodied Ecstasy Retreat?


If you are ready to awaken your inner sex goddess, connect to your divine sexual pleasure and spread that magic into all areas of you life, this is for you.


If you’re ready to activate a quiet confidence surrounding your sacred radiance and money mindset.


If you’re ready to ignite and unify your masculine and feminine energies so you can thrive. 


If you are excited to learn the most highly transformational healing rituals and implement them into your life. 


If you’re ready to open your heart and receive deep powerful healing through a process of breathwork and rebirthing then this is the program you have been waiting for.  


If you are looking for high-vibrational space of healing, with humans who are on the same healing journey as you, then look no further. 

There are limited spots inside the Embodied Ecstasy Retreat so we can keep this session highly personal and intimate. So if you're a full body yes, make sure you secure your spot, pronto!

I am so turned on by this retreat and the chance to connect with the incredible souls who are joining us. I am so grateful to guide you in this pleasure intensive and feminine awakening process.

Join me for the Embodied Ecstasy Online Retreat

Evoke your inner queendom and usher in waves of pleasure and prosperity into your life!