Do you want to create a life that feels joyfully abundant? This 3-day experience is for spiritual women who want to reframe their beliefs around money and create an epically aligned life.

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Join My 3-Day Opulent Reality Experience 


Do you believe that your reality can be fucking amazing? YES! I just know you’re ready to vibrate to new heights. That’s why I’ve birthed this 3-day experience to enrobe your world in prosperity, luxury and feminine magnetism anytime you desire. 

Take my hand and enter this portal to your cosmic potential...

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An opulent life awaits.

In this FREE 3 day workshop series, you will observe these key teachings….

Day 1



On day 1, we begin expanding the vision beyond what's "normal". This day, we build an 'innerstanding' of what it means to embrace the energetics of abundance.

Day 2



If you’ve hit an abundance ceiling that you cannot seem to break through, or you just feel MEH with your money, we’re going to get you inspired and making moves again on Day 2.

Day 3



Time to collapse that illusion that you can't be a good hearted spiritual woman and also love money! 

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Meet Your Opulent Host, Amy Rushworth


Empowerment and Sexual Wellness Coach and Breathwork Teacher, to women who are ready to f*ck off the rules and create a life of unashamed pleasure and deep confidence.

As a globally-recognised thought leader on empowerment, I help women heal fear and shame, so they can step into the most outrageously free, unapologetically expressed version of themselves.

I have a burning passion the taboo and "naughty areas" of womanhood -- such as sexual wellness, bold self-expression and defying social expectations. The topics that women are typically taught to shut up about (or be ashamed of) are the type of conversations I live for!

Through my wildly popular online courses, The Amy Rushworth Show podcast, in-person retreats and free daily content... I support you to trust yourself like never before, make your "unrealistic" dreams a reality and create a life oozing in pleasure, power and truth.

I combine my background and qualifications in Rebirthing Breathwork, transformational coaching, sexual wellness, somatic healing, trauma-aware business and integrative nutrition... with real-talk, practical wisdom. Over the years I've built a global coaching and healing business that serves  thousands of clients and students in dozens of countries.

A healthy mindset with your money, miracles + receiving... why not!


Join me for this FREE magical experience, get inspired and make some moves.


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