Take a moment to FEEL this deep inside...

+ Awakening a liberated, luxurious + unapologetic essence... You wake up TURNED ON by your life. Grateful to be you.

+ Insecurities transform into activation points for more power... full expression... and new depths of self love.

+ Relaxing into feminine way, womb healing + body based wisdom... dancing between devoted action + sweet surrender.

+ Nurturing (or attracting) a conscious, connected partnership that honours your sacred needs, curiosity + unconditional wholeness.

+ Wildly worshipping yourself through all emotions. Making self-love your natural way. The ONLY way.

+ Coding your beautiful body with the energetics of health, wealth, love + freedom.

This is possible. This is your moment.

...lift you into a realm of embodied sensuality, sacred sex magic, divine feminine energetics, deep deep healing, self love and self leadership.


You deserve a reality overflowing with inner ecstasy, love, prosperity + sovereignty... and Pleasure Empress is the way home.


This profound group experience is for women of all ages, who desire deep empowerment, turn-on + self love, at the levels of body, womb, heart + spirit... who wants connect deeply with pleasure + feel the hum inside her yoni when she thinks about her life.


The Pleasure Empress teachings will pour into your life and far beyond the bedroom... influencing your relationships, confidence, voice, business, boundaries, manifestations + the way you show up for your entire life.


This is SO MUCH more than a basic bitch group course. This is a deeeeeep healing initiation for the woman who is ready to be fully, orgasmically, abundantly free.


+ A space for potent shadow work, inner child healing and feminine liberation.

+ A school for releasing ancestral imprints, shame, trauma, stories and lies that obstruct your feeling of wholeness as a woman.

+ A self-pleasure, love, sexuality and spiritual intensive.

+ Where an inner journey meets a cosmic BFF sisterhood.

This program is a like a healing baptism of fire for your spirit.

It will challenge you. It will change you. It will make you wet. It will make you cry. It will make you laugh. It will shape the woman you are becoming.


"Amy changed the way I feel and think about myself in every single way. She changed my philosophy of life and showed me what self-love truly is. I’m a 50 year-old single mum of two young boys who never put herself first and was going through menopause.

I had a history of sabotaging when things went well, I attracted emotionally unavailable partners and I experienced sexual abuse as a young girl. I completely lacked self-love, but had no idea how to change that. The work that Amy facilitated with me was deeply profound. I actually got my period back and this work completely reawakened my sensuality and self-intimacy in the most special and natural way.

I finally see and feel my worth. I am proud of who I am and I am speaking my truth without worrying about what other people will think. I am so blessed to have had Amy as my coach. She took my hand and guided me when I couldn’t see. I’ll always cherish this path we made together."

Gabriela, 50

A seven-week healing journey for sisters ready to rise into sacred sensuality, activate luminous pleasure and arrive into unashamed self-love.

But really… this is so much more than a course. The Pleasure Empress is a healing initiation that will totally expand your reality. It is…

✔ A space for shadow work, inner child healing, and feminine liberation. 

✔ A soul school for releasing the myths, shames, and lies that obstruct your power.

✔ A self-pleasure, sexuality, and empowerment intensive.

✔ An inner journey.

✔ A sisterhood.

This sacred group experience will take you to oceanic depths of healing so you can usher waves of pleasure and prosperity into your life. In short, this program will rock your world Queen.

🦋 6 x 90 Minute Group Coaching Calls with Amy and incredible guest experts - exploring pleasure, feminine embodiment, shadow work, body based healing, sensuality, shame, magnetism and sovereignty.
These sessions are recorded, so you will be able to return to this content again and again - worth £5555
🦋 6 x 60 Minute Breathwork / Feminine Embodiment Ceremonies - to support deep integration + healing - worth £3333
🦋 14+ Deep Rituals for Pleasure, Sexual Healing & Self Love - You will practice these between our live workshops and ceremonies to help you integrate, heal, and embody your sensual, feminine essence - worth £2222
🦋  Bonus prerecorded workshops + rituals with experts such as Rosie Rees, Phoebe Greenacre, Eleanor Hadley, Asti Maree, Dagmar Kahn (exploring the yoni egg, pelvic healing, orgasms, cervical healing, sensual lapdance + sexual empowerment) - worth £2222
🦋 Bonus Module of mystery transmissions surrounding yin + yang energetics, polarity + sacred sensuality...
🦋 Facebook Community Portal - This is where we will share our expression, celebrations, struggles, desires and truth.
 🦋 My secret, juicy book list — I don’t share this publicly!
🦋 Pleasure playlists — made just for my Pleasure Empress crew 💦

🔐 You want to feel deep intimacy with yourself... turned on, feminine, sensual and free. No matter how wild the world outside gets... you're good. You know how to connect back to your heart + yoni in a moment.

🔐 Pleasure, luxury and orgasms have been low on your list of priorities lately... You're craving space to slow down, receive, relax and surrender. 

🔐  Since you can remember, you put everyone else first. It’s like you need to be needed, when really... you want to be wanted, desired, worshipped...

 🔐  You’ve experienced body shame, abuse, or sexual trauma and suspect it is affecting you energetically... You are ready to heal, + infuse safety in your pleasure practice.

🔐 You’re questioning if that sexy, soulmate relationship is even possible for you… You're done settling and comparing. You're ready.

 🔐 Or if you’re in a long-term relationship, you might be asking yourself “how can we spice it up?”

🔐 Embracing the mysterious powers of the divine feminine sounds like THE DREAM to you. It's time to learn!

🔐 Personal development, meditation, or journaling have been helpful tools, but you're ready for that NEXT LEVEL inner child healing, life-changing release + full body spiritual upgrades.

🔐 You get recurring headaches, UTIs, thrush, or other health problems... and you know that the root cause is emotional.

🔐 You want to feel more feminine, sexy, and intuitive in your business or work life. You wanna feel sexy AF in every breath, every moment of your day.

🔐 You're done with letting fear of abandonment, judgment or rejection get in the way of your queendom. It's time to take the throne.

🔐 You're excited to rewrite the "sex is sinful" lie you were brought up with so you can love self pleasure, embrace more orgasms + enjoy your erotic innocence.

 🔐 You might associate sex with validation, manipulation, pain or scarcity. And you'd love to recode that story.

🔐 You have big dreams + desires for your life. Now, all you need is the unapologetic self-confidence to magnetise it.

Sound familiar? You’ve arrived in the perfect place, Empress.

"I immediately felt like I knew Amy for years, which allowed me to open up and receive so much guidance in areas I didn’t even think I needed help. She helped me rewrite the stories in my head, understand what I want, and helped me believe I was worthy of receiving my dreams.

Amy helped me surrender and trust the universe, release the fear of not achieving and get into a more abundant frequency.  If you want to change your life, feel energised, vibrant, and full of passion, Amy, my will help you get there"

Gemma, 28






2 x £1111





Hiiiii! I'm Amy. Leo Sun, Taurus Moon, Virgo Rising. Mental projector. Enneagram 7 and 3. Bad bitch with a big heart. You know the vibe.

I live my sexy, ecstatic dreams everyday through the work I do. It is my greatest honour to guide women into deep, juicy liberation. To put it simply, I'm here to give you full permission to be confident, spiritual, rich, turned on, in love with your life and whatever else you want to be. It turns me on to see YOU living life, your way.

I am an intuitive healing facilitator who is trained in sexuality, transformational coaching, metaphysical energy, meditation, Rebirthing breathwork + spiritual mentorship. I am head over heels in love with the world of healing, sex, feminine energetics, spirituality and self-realisation.

 Life experiences - aka the ‘school of life’ - have always been my wisest teacher. 

Healing childhood trauma + PTSD. Pivoting careers. Growing from failure. Evolving through pain. Breakups and breakthroughs. Building a multiple six figure business from nothing.

Life has always taught me so much wisdom through the alchemy of pain + shadow. It’s why I believe so wholeheartedly in this work, and I am beyond excited to pull back the curtain on what it takes to go inward and heal your life.

I want you to know this, sister.


You have nothing to prove to the world or “achieve” out there. You don't have to prove anything to daddy, or the guy, or the ex, or the boss, or the world, or yourself...

For you are already whole.

Pleasure Empress is for those who desire a full-body, orgasmic remembrance of this completeness.

There is pleasure, love, worthiness, and abundance dripping like honey. Inside of you. Available to you. Right now.

That sexy abundance. The freedom. The money. The soulmate love. The travels. The vision board reality. The business of dreams. The golden life. All of these wild holy desires are available to you. I'm here to help you receive that reality, through the revolutionary tools + processes in this program.

Getting what you want is not a mindset thing. If it was, you'd have journaled all your dreams into reality by now. Pleasure pathways, prosperity + abundance are the realm of the body... 


That mega goal you’re chasing.

That island life you’re seeking.

That business goal that makes you wet AF.

The opulent quantum reality.

The deep, conscious love.

All of these desires are influenced by the sexual energy living in your body.

When that energy is stagnant or blocked, you hold yourself back from a dimension of pleasure, prosperity, manifestation, love, respect, confidence, and success.

The feminine energy body has been held captive for centuries. 

We have been shamed, tamed, trapped, confined, and fragmented. This imprisonment has given rise to blocked intuition, shame, guilt, people-pleasing, grief, struggles around receiving, comparison, overworking, trauma, low worth and disconnection to pleasure. 

These sexy dreams you want to create are born from the body, not the brain, which is why this course is NOT a mindset program.


Pleasure Empress is an online journey that will guide you back to deep body-wisdom and your wildest desires, helping you manifest them in an embodied, lasting way.

This program will help you release the stubborn patterns that block you from achieving your highest level of pleasure, money, sexual desire, confidence, healthy relationships, love and power.

This program is a healing medicine journey that will challenge you and initiate you into real, embodied feminine power. It’s time to treasure and work with your feminine energy instead of going to war with yourself.

It’s time to awaken your inner Pleasure Empress.



It’s time to worship at the altar of your most relaxed, healed & pleasured Self.


It’s time to reclaim intuitive sensation in your body so that those dreams feel fucking EXQUISITE when they land in your dimension.

It’s time to get the self-love message so deeply coded inside of your body + spirit... that you’ll never second guess your intuition or keep your truth silenced, ever again.

Q. Is this a LIVE or pre-recorded course?


There are 6 group calls and 6 healing ceremonies (12 Live Calls total) which are facilitated live, on Zoom. These calls are also recorded and saved inside of the course portal, so you can play them back as many times as you desire.

The rest of the course is overflowing with pre-recorded teachings, workshops, embodiment practices, pleasure rituals, meditations and potent content. You’ll dive into this magic (like homework) in between our calls and ceremonies. 

Plus, you get lifetime access to your portal, which means you can return to the content again and again (and you’ll definitely want to).


Q. How much time/energy will be required?

The Pleasure Empress course will be amazingly healing and life-changing, but it’s also deep AF. I’ll outline the energy exchange below, so you can understand if you’re ready to say yes.

For six weeks*, you are devoting yourself to...

  • 90 (ish) minutes for the live group call

  • 60 minutes for the breathwork + healing ceremony

  • Roughly 20 minutes for the embodiment ritual

= Roughly 3 hours a week*

*There is a full week’s break in the middle to allow you to integrate, breathe, catch up and dive into any of the content you want to. The course is 7 weeks in duration, with 6 modules of content.


Q. When are the dates of this course and the LIVE calls?

We commence on September 27th and journey together for 7 weeks.

The group coaching calls will be held on Mondays.

The Breathwork + Healing Ceremonies will be held on Thursdays (except for the last closing ceremony which will be a Friday). Calls and ceremonies are also recorded if you cannot attend live.



Workshop 1 (90 mins): September 27th, 3pm CEST
Ceremony 1 (60 mins): September 30th, 6pm CEST



Workshop 2 (120 mins) with guest expert Denell from Cervical Wellness: October 4th, 6pm CEST
Ceremony 2 (60 mins): October 7th, 6pm CEST 


Workshop 3 (90 mins) Reclaiming the Sacred Slut with Meg O: October 11th, 10am CEST
Ceremony 3 (60 mins): October 14th, 11am CEST


WEEK 4 IS AN INTEGRATION WEEK (we take a breather + space to marinate in the teachings...)
October 18th — 24th


Workshop 4 (90 mins): 25th October, 4pm CEST
Ceremony 4 (60 mins): 28th October, 11am CEST



Workshop 5 (90 mins): 1st November, 4pm CEST
Ceremony 5 (60 mins): 
4th November, 7pm CEST



Workshop 6 (90 mins): 8th November, 4pm CEST
Completion Ceremony (90 mins): 
Friday 12th November, 6pm CEST



Q. How much is it? Is there a payment plan?

The investment is normally £2222 for the Classic Pleasure Empress enrolment, however for this earlybird week it is £1111 (yesssss a whole 50% off to reward you for putting yourself first).


Q. Do we get any 1:1 time or support from you?

 This is a group program without 1:1  support. I'll be present with you throughout the seven weeks on our group calls.


Q. How long is the course?

 This experience is a 7-week journey made up of 6 modules. There is one “break week” at week 4 to allow you to integrate and take a short breather, so you don’t get overwhelmed or feel rushed.


Q. Does it matter if I’m single or in a relationship?

Not at all. All women are welcome in this container because this work is all about the relationship you have with your heart, pleasure, power, and body.

So, this is an epic course to transport you into a self-loving, pleasured, and meaningful reality if you’re single.

If you’re in a relationship, this is an epic course for creating that deeper connection, pleasure, self-intimacy that will naturally ooze into your existing partnership.


Q. Is there an age restriction?

Any woman aged 18 years or older, can join this program. I’ve worked with women of all ages and walks of life, even queens in their 60s. It’s never too late to dive into this work.


 Q. Is this course open to anyone?

The content in Pleasure Empress is suitable for anyone who classifies themselves as a cis gendered woman. I will be making anatomical references that relate to parts of the body such as the vagina, vulva, womb and breasts. I also use language around masculine/feminine energies. And of course if you aren’t totally sure, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] and I can guide you with more information.




🦋 6 x 90 Minute Group Coaching Calls with Amy and incredible guest experts - worth £5555
🦋 6 x 60 Minute Breathwork / Feminine Embodiment Ceremonies - worth £3333
🦋 14+ Deep Rituals for Pleasure, Sexual Healing & Self Love - worth £2222
🦋  Bonus prerecorded workshops + rituals with experts such as Rosie Rees, Phoebe Greenacre, Eleanor Hadley, Asti Maree, Dagmar Kahn - worth £2222
🦋 Bonus Module of mystery transmissions surrounding yin + yang energetics, polarity + sacred sensuality
🦋 Facebook Community Portal
 🦋 My secret, juicy book list
🦋 Pleasure playlists


2 x £1111


🦋 6 x 90 Minute Group Coaching Calls with Amy and incredible guest experts - worth £5555
🦋 6 x 60 Minute Breathwork / Feminine Embodiment Ceremonies - worth £3333
🦋 14+ Deep Rituals for Pleasure, Sexual Healing & Self Love - worth £2222
🦋  Bonus prerecorded workshops + rituals with experts such as Rosie Rees, Phoebe Greenacre, Eleanor Hadley, Asti Maree, Dagmar Kahn - worth £2222
🦋 Bonus Module of mystery transmissions surrounding yin + yang energetics, polarity + sacred sensuality
🦋 Facebook Community Portal
 🦋 My secret, juicy book list
🦋 Pleasure playlists

If you are ready to evoke your inner queendom and usher waves of pleasure and prosperity into your life, sign up to secure one of the limited spaces in Pleasure Empress.