Awaken the Pleasured Feminine

You are invited to awaken wild self-love and say hello to your pleasured, feminine spirit

This 1-hour workshop is an initiation into the thriving, feminine Self within you. You’ll go on a journey to expand your inner worthiness so you have space to receive a reality rich in pleasure, love and abundance.

This is an intimate workshop. Say YES and watch the replay

Calling in what you desire doesn’t have to be a hustle. I’ll show you how to get what you want by harnessing the untapped powers of pleasure and receptivity. This workshop will help you recode your entire body into a relaxed frequency of intuitive confidence and self-love. Because after all, feminine magic lives in the body, not the mind.

Settling for what your inner critic says you deserve, is an old paradigm. Sourcing your power outside of yourself is an old paradigm. You, my love, are majestic. And queens don’t settle for old, stale realities. They create their own. So I’m here to hold your hand as we create a new reality.

This workshop will initiate you to...

+ A loving, powerful relationship with your sacred sensuality and feminine energy.

+ A healing process that helps clear the old wounds keeping you stuck in a loop of disappointment and control.

+ A royal, embodied worthiness and boundaries that honour your pleasure, needs and desires.

+ A wild self-love that liberates you from the fear of judgment and rejection.

+ A self-trust that lets you feel relaxed, juicy and magnetic.

The Three Secrets I Will Be Imparting To You...

Secret #1: The Bridge Between Self Worth + Soulmates

I’ll be revealing how our self-worth blueprint influences relationship dynamics we tend to repeat in our lives. You’ll discover how to find safety + self-worth inside of yourself so you can remain powerfully grounded in relationships, set boundaries + move beyond limiting patterns in your life.

✨ Secret #2: The Bridge Between Safety + Pleasure

You will learn how to feel truly safe and empowered in sensual desires and pleasure expression. We’ll unravel some of the shame stories you may be holding around pleasure, so you can cherish your sacred sexuality and feel delightedly lit-up in your body.

✨ Secret #3: The Bridge Between Feeling + Receiving

Manifesting your desires is not just mindset work. Manifestation, abundance and love are all about feeling. The wisdom of feeling and receiving lives in our hearts and bodies. We’ll be getting intimated and reacquainted with the sensations that live in your body, so you can unlock your magnetism and receive love and joy in a more embodied, radiant way.

Meet your Pleasure Guide + Transformation Facilitator Amy Rushworth!

Amy Rushworth is a Transformational Healing Priestess and Spiritual Mentor who helps women claim their wild dreams, deep love and sexy embodied abundance.

Through energetic healing, breathwork, coaching and spiritual medicines Amy helps women heal the subconscious roots of their wounding so they can embrace a world of feminine confidence and radiance. Amy guides her soulmate clients to break free from scarcity, self-defeating patterns and past trauma, so they can fully receive everything they desire from a place of wholeness and worth.

Are you ready to open your heart and claim your divine right to pleasure and spiritual abundance?


Amy made me feel so safe, loved, heard and empowered. She taught me how to take responsibility for my life without punishing myself. Amy helped me confront and heal a significant trauma that happened over 12 years ago -- this resulted in me having more raw and honest relationships with myself, friends and family. I would hate to think where I would be right now if I never world with Amy. She isn’t just a coach, she truly becomes a friend.

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Awaken the Pleasured Feminine

Awaken wild self-love and say hello to your pleasured feminine spirit.