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Create a Life That Turns You On

Uncover the spiritually-sourced ingredients to claim deep love, sexy abundance & wild dreams.

What You'll Learn In This FREE Workshop

Secret #1

Transformative Healing


Learn how to break up with your inner critic and disown scarcity narratives that limit the path to your highest self.

Secret #2

Magnetic Confidence


Dismantle the beliefs + unhealthy patterns that restrict you from embodying the vibration of self-worth.

Secret #3

Pleasurable Manifestation


Discover my secret to manifestation + abundance + how to bring dreams to life with pleasure, instead of hustle.

Hey goddess!
I'm Amy.

I’m here to help you embody the self-love you need to claim a life of wild dreams, deep love and sexy abundance.

I've helped thousands of women across the world through my energetic healing, breathwork, psychology, spiritual medicine and my psychic intuition to heal the subconscious roots of their inner critic and transport them into a world of feminine confidence.

I’m here to steer you beyond the scarcity and sabotage, so you can confidently manifest ANYTHING you want... and to help you be available to fully receive your desires, because you know that you’re deeply worthy.

Online Workshop Replay

How to Create a Life That Turns You On

Unleash your inner magic and claim a life of deep love, sexy abundance and wild dreams.